Nadezda Kakoli: Watercolours

'I am inspired and influenced by the beauty of colour, beauty of nature and play in my own way to express all kinds of subjects which surround us. I like to explore my own imagination, memories and ideas on canvas and paper using all kinds of art media.
I have also started to experiment and make installation art works.'
'I have had several solo and group exhibitions overseas and I am thrtilled to have my first exhibition in Ireland since my husband and I moved here 3 years ago.'
'My endless fantasies and love of painting are the main driving force behind my work.'

Nadezda Kakoli studied first at the Fine Art Institute of Dhaka University, Bangladesh, later gaining a bachelor of fine arts major in oil painting with distinction from the China Academy of Arts, China. She studied traditional Chinese water colour as a second subject which is reflected sometimes on her water colour and mix media pieces. She has also obtained a teaching qualification from the Gloucestershire University, UK.