Esther O'Kelly - 'To & fro in my dreams I go'

These new paintings are about our fragile human state and how we experience life, love  and loss. They are about family, friends our influences and our environment. The works make connections from my present  through fragments of the past, a non-linear journey in a series of dreamlike states that ebb and flow through the parameters of consciousness. The paintings act as emotional triggers or visual conduits into my past.

Impressions of place are a always a feature of my work, remembering laughs, larks and loves of childhood with nostalgia. The paintings are compositions resonant with youthful joy.  I am less interested in the detail of the memory than the bittersweet joy of it and thus, I hope they resonate with others. I see them as a joyous celebration of remembering, with a touch of heartbreak.

I try to draw upon and frame the past in different or unexpected ways. The paintings tell stories about personal memory, that re-frame the past not as a fixed narrative but as a multiplicity of voices layered and faded and revisited.'


Esther O’Kelly


Accompanying this exhibition of 16 gloriously coloured original canvases in a range of sizes, a selection of limited edition fine art giclee prints is also available. 340mm x 250mm, 300gsm on minuet cotton rag stock. Printed with high quality archival inks, backed with card, mounted, cello wrapped and signed. Finished size with mount is 460cmx 350cm. 

€65 each                                                                                                                                         About the artist