Jane Meyler

Born in Dublin, artist Jane Meyler lives overlooking the Irish sea in the house where she spent her childhood summers in Rosslare Strand, County Wexford. Here, the first light of sunrise comes through the bank of tall daisies and into her open front door. She is steeped in the beauty of this delightful place and loves the light and the sea in all its many moods. It is perhaps inevitable that she would be a landscape painter.

 Jane is a committed plein air artist and on most days can be found at her easel down on the beach or on the cliffs above or round the promontory to 'The Burrow' which looks out on the River Slaney estuary and the evening sunset.


Jane is a natural artist, largely self-taught, with a sureness of touch and an innate colour sense which serve her so well in capturing the fleeting effects of sunlight, cloud and wave. Her paintings are peaceful and have a serene beauty. Mostly she works in oils, on location, using a portable paintbox. Using bristle paintbrushes to build  layers of paint and create texture, she will also use a palette knife to apply passages of clear brilliant colour, to render facets of wet rock or capture the glint of the sea. At other times, she will turn to pastels for their immediacy and convenience. Jane has achieved recognition in both mediums.


When wind and rain make outdoor work impossible or when she needs to work on a large painting, Jane Meyler retreats to her studio in the garden or likes nothing better than to pack her painting gear into her camper, 'Rosie' and spend a few days exploring the Irish countryside. Favourite places to visit include the Mourne Mountains and the Antrim Coast. Growing up in a home full of instruments and love of music, Jane likes to practice her music, playing tunes on her mandolin or piano before she puts brush to canvas, encouraging the flow of energy and rhythm that runs through her artwork.


Jane Meyler was elected to the committee of Art in the Open annual plein air festival in 2015 and is also a member of the Pastel Society of Ireland. She was awarded People’s Choice prize for her painting at Art in the Open in 2014.and gained a bronze award in 2012.

See her exhibition: 'A Meander Through Rosslare'.