Jackie Edwards: Vikings of the Modern World                       20 Oct. - 10 Nov.



Our 2018 Opera Festival exhibition features recent work by talented artist Jackie Edwards, whose intensely detailed figurative

paintings are gaining recognition.



“I am very much looking forward to this exhibition, my first solo show in Wexford for many years. I held my very first exhibition during the Wexford Festival, in the County Hotel during the 1989, so it is especially poignant for me to be showing again, this time at the Pigyard Gallery. I met many of the models I use for these paintings on the set of the T.V series ‘Vikings’ where, for the last five years, I have had the pleasure of being involved as a background artist. Fans of the show might recognise one or two of them”


. Alongside this collection of original works the Pigyard will also be showing a collection of Jackie Edwards’ prints. Don’t miss it!


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